Stenzhorn’s Rhine Romance collection captures the jewel-like beauty of each new spring bloom. This secret valley is steeped in mystery and romance ,guarded by great medieval castles perched high above the broad waters of the river Rhine. Against the cascading alpine mountains, lies undulating valleys that open up on an enchanting flower meadow of imperishable white. White perennial flowers appear like virgin snow. As Spring descends upon the winter plains, the valley is clothed in a tapestry of fresh white and yellow flowers that billow gently in the breeze, reminiscent of medieval tapes tries bejeweled with flowers.

As we observe the change from Winter to Spring, whiten olonger signifies the cold winter, but renewal and freshnes simplicity of Spring. As we go through steep mountain passes, edelweiss and golden dandelions sprout from the earth and stone crevices, creamy freesias and lily of the valley dangle on arched stems. Go further into the deep valley,one might encounter fragrant chamomile and tall opulent irises blooming side by side. As one moves across the flower-dappled meadows, their petals flow with in the wind.

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