Bee Mine

Long believed to have magical properties, honeybees feature extensively in the folklore of diverse cultures throughout the globe. The bee’s very nature exemplifies generosity, wisdom, gentleness, and defiance of limitations. They appear as a symbol of love in Renaissance paintings and poetry, and in the Far East, it is widely thought that bees bring forth great abundance. Stenzhorn's contemporary, and highly symbolic, Bee Mine collection gives your daily apparel a sweet touch of elegant passion. Honeybees are formed in mosaic setting or by using one semi-precious stone as a center while the body of each bee takes the shape of a heart to represent the sweetness of love itself. Some sets use a single invisible setting heart shape, but always incorporate a gold bee detail to reinforce the collection’s significance of deep love and abundance.


Playful buzzing bees find new beginnings in youthful, delicate diamond silhouettes. These light and wearable pieces complement any outfit with a fresh and natural look.